Toy Soldiers

In honor of the recent 75th anniversary marking the end of the war in Europe in 1945, I thought it was an appropriate time to release the lyric video for the song, “Toy Soldiers” from my newly released EP, “Starting Over,” which can be found in its entirety by clicking this link: HERE 

I think we often forget that it’s largely kids, barely out of high school, who are sent to faraway lands to fight wars on our behalf. The average age of the young men who stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day was twenty years old. Twenty. Let that sink in for a moment. And for every young man or woman who puts his or her life on the line to defend us there is most often a mother and father who are left home perpetually crushed by worry and fear. 

I wrote this song for them. 

Of course, in the midst of this pandemic, I can’t help but listen to this song and think of all the front line workers, medical personnel and first responders that for all intents and purposes are fighting a war on our behalf right here at home. I also can’t help but think of the families that send them off to work every day not knowing if they’ll be safe. So now this song is for them too. 

Thankfully, not all of them pay the ultimate price...but they all pay a price nonetheless. Let none of them be forgotten.



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