One of the many great things about my "side hustle" as Director of Artist Relations and Programming at the GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center is being able to chat with great artists across a variety of genres about the craft of songwriting and music making for our public and online programs. As a tribute to my guests for their inspiration, I've created a series of "mini covers" or as I am calling them, "citations." Check out my latest cover and the corresponding artist interview below! 

Every songwriter has a list of songs they wish they had written.  For me, Jason Mraz takes up a few spots on my list.  We usually don’t get a chance to let the songwriter in question know about it but I had a chance recently to chat with Jason about his newest album, “Look for the Good” for our #GRAMMYMuseumEXP “Behind the Songs” series and tell him just that.

When you have a Les Paul, an Echoplex Delay, a Fulltone Supa-Trem pedal and a little extra time on a Sunday afternoon things can get out of hand.  And that’s what happened here!  In spite of it, this “citation” is special because it’s a TWO-FER.  Not only is it a “mini cover” of a song belonging to the uber talented vocalist and songwriter, Ellie Goulding, but the featured artist on the track is an old (but actually young) friend, Lauv.  He’s come a loooooong way from producing tracks for our high school singer/songwriter camps back in the day when he was an NYU student.

Rock and roll is not dead! It’s thriving and surviving in three sisters from L.A. called, HAIM. The latest episode of #GRAMMYMuseumEXP “Behind the Songs” is probably one of the most fun interviews I’ve done since we went virtual in March.  Great band.  Great people.